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Term Dates

School term dates and holidays:

Term dates for Coventry's schools are set up to three years in advance. Please click the PDF's below to download the agreed term dates for Coventry. 

Who decides term dates?

School terms and holiday dates are set by the local authority (LA) each year in consultation with parents, headteachers, governing bodies, professional associations, Diocesan Boards of Education, FE Colleges and Trades Unions.

Teacher training days:

Each individual school is able to allocate a small number of days which are reserved for the professional training of school staff and are set at each school's discretion. These days for Finham are signposted below. 

Finham Primary Teacher training days: 

  • Monday 4th September 2023
  • Friday 17th November 2023
  • Monday 8th January 2024
  • Tuesday 9th January 2024 
  • Monday 11th March 2024