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School Meals

Healthy Snacks at Breaktime: 

At Finham we are a healthy school, meaning we encourage healthy snacks at break time. Healthy snacks like fruit are fantastic for giving children nutritious boosts that support them when they return to the classroom. Children in KS1 are able to access and eat a variety of fruit that is delivered to school as part of a government initiative. However, children in KS2 will have to bring their own snack. 

Packed Lunch or School Dinner? 

At lunchtime, children can either bring in their own healthy home-packed lunch or school can provide a cooked meal or sandwich to children who request it. The cost per meal will be £2.40, paid in advance. Payments are made via our online payment system called Parent Pay using either your debit or credit card. 

Free School Meals?

Too many children in Coventry are living in food poverty, yet hundreds of children are still not receiving their entitlement to a Free School Meal. One in four children in Coventry is eligible for a Free School Meal. All children who qualify for Free School Meals  (FSM) are entitled to a free meal from the menu every day. More are taking up their entitlement but there are so many more who could be benefiting.

The benefits of Free School Meals include:

  • You could save more than £450 a year per child.
  • It saves time making packed lunches.
  • Your child gets a healthy tasty, cooked meal.
  • Children achieve more when they’ve had a cooked lunch.
  • School gets extra funding to help children in their education (Pupil Premium-up to £1320 a year per child.

 If you are unsure whether you qualify for FSM, please see our  Pupil Premium Page. 

Catering Provider at Finham

ABM is our school's catering provider. They provide the catering and food choice for our children in school. You can find copies of the relevant documents from ABM below, including School menus and Policies. 

  • School Menu for Autumn 1 (till October 27th) 
  • School Menu for Autumn 2 (till December 22th)
  • School Menu for Spring 1 (till February 9th) 
  • School Menu for Spring 2 (till 22nd March)
  • School Menu for Summer 1 (till 24th May)