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Coronavirus/Remote Learning

Remote Learning Provision: Information for parents

Publishing our remote learning provision is no longer a requirement, but the Department for Education suggest this information should still be displayed on the school website.  

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote learning where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to remain at home.

For details of what to expect where individual pupils are self-isolating, please see the final section of this page.

Remote Learning Policy 2021: 

“Online learning will never replicate our time in the classroom, but following these simple steps can help keep learning accessible, which is a good place to start.” 

                                                                                                               2020  Purpose

The content of this webpage has been written to ensure that if Finham Primary School is required to close a bubble (class of children) or if the school as a whole, goes into lockdown again, then parents and staff are aware of the expectations of learning.  

Bubbles will be closed if a case of coronavirus has been reported within that bubble. School closures will occur if there has been a local or national lockdown, and we have been given the instruction to close. 

 If children are too ill to come to school with non-related COVID issues, we will not be setting home learning. In these circumstances, as soon as your child is well enough to learn, they should be back in school.  


  • To maintain the health and well-being of all staff, pupils, families, governors and stakeholders within the school community.
  • To maintain the learning opportunities available to all children in the event that they cannot physically attend school.
  • To ensure that all children can participate in learning online via iPad, laptop or mobile phone. Provision will ensure that siblings using a single device in the home will be able to take turns throughout the day. Where technology is not available, children will be able to access learning through learning packs sent home or collected weekly. 
  • To safeguard children during a period of time when they are not able to attend school. 

Available provision:

  • Children will be provided with daily English and maths activities. The activities will be made available via Frog or through a learning pack sent home. The activities will be the same in the learning pack as they are online.  
  • It is expected that children complete at least an hour of English and an hour of Maths each day. 
  • Children will also be provided with an ongoing project for their topic work or daily foundation subject work to ensure the curriculum is broad and balanced. 
  • Children will be provided with up to three reading books from school (if we know in advance) which they will be expected to read daily. Families should supplement reading with their own books throughout longer school closures.
  • Teaching staff and the Headteacher will be available during normal school hours and will aim to answer any questions in a timely fashion, as usual. 
  • Click View videos to support Online Learning.    
  • Century Tech to support Online Learning for KS2 pupils . 

 Activities provided

  • A Maths and English resource/lesson will be uploaded daily. 
  • Maths – new learning and consolidation activities (depending on the year groups) with answers. Teachers will also continue to consolidate understanding of number facts and times tables. 
  • English – spelling, grammar and writing activities. 
  • Teachers will provide the answers for English and Maths on Frog daily. 
  • Reading – extra books can be borrowed from school. 
  • Topic will be set for the week or Foundation subject activities 

 Activities that parents can provide

This is an excellent opportunity for parents to teach children ‘real life’ lessons. For example, if you are planning meals for the week, involve your children, get them to photograph and evidence this in their book/ on Frog 

This is a terrific opportunity to teach children how to run a household. Ideas that could be explored are: 

  • Writing - paying bills/financial management 
  • Cooking meals/shopping online/nutrition 
  • Household exercise – Youtube Yoga, Mindfulness and garden activities etc
  • Gardening 
  • Baking 
  • Decorating 
  • Online music lessons 
  • Making play dough 
  • Helping the community – how can we help people who are self-isolating without contact? 
  • Any activity that exposes the children to something that is new is great – document it in your book / or on Frog . 


  • Children will take an exercise book home (if we know in advance) so that they can complete tasks. Their work can be marked by a parent or by the child, using the answers provided by their teacher. 
  • Parents must email work to the class teacher or upload completed work onto the frog assignments pages, so that teachers can provide effective feedback that encourages pupil progress.

Online Resources: Here is a list of online resources that we use to supplement learning. 


  • School and parents must work together to ensure that children are safe online.
  • Children must remember what they have learnt in class about staying safe online. They must not share their passwords with others. 
  • Parents must supervise children whilst they are using the internet. Parents must remind children that whatever they write online is visible to others and leaves a digital footprint. 
  • Children should only be exposed to age-appropriate APPS and sites. 

Rules around the use of Frog: It is not to be used by child, or parents, as a forum for chatting 

Role of the parents:

  • Parents are expected to support learning by establishing a positive routine for children. 
  • Parents need to ensure that children log on daily. 
  • Teachers will complete an attendance register to track children’s participation. 
  • Failure to participate may trigger intervention from the Headteacher, who will contact parents directly to ensure the well-being of the child. 
  • Parents must report sickness absence in the usual way, using email or telephone call to the office. 

The head teacher will continue to update this information throughout any period of remote learning so that it responds to the real-time issues that occur. It may change due to staff being ill. Please be aware that we are trying our best to support the learning of your child through this continuing time of change and challenge.